Anxiety can often feel like it is controlling you and subsequently your life can then feel out of control also. Anxiety can make you feel scared or self conscious, panicky, fearful and lacking in confidence. It can also cause you to have physical symptoms such as nausea, rapid heartbeat, per-fuse sweating, physical shaking with feelings of doom and occasionally paranoia.

Some feelings of anxiety are perfectly normal, such as starting a new job but if these feelings are sustained over a long period of time then this can impact greatly on a persons life. The anxiety can seemingly come out of nowhere and can be mixed with periods of time that you feel calm and in control or maybe you find that you are avoiding certain situations, that you feel are ‘triggering’ the anxiety but then find these triggers are happening more often until your life is revolving around them.

Hypnosis works by accessing the subconscious mind. This part of the brain is constantly working in the background of our awareness, helping us with things we do on a daily basis without needing to think about it such as walking and talking. These are learnt responses and have been stored previously in our subconscious, unfortunately anxiety can also become a learned response and stored there too, stimulated by daily actions.

Through hypnotherapy we can find the ‘trigger situations’ which are causing the anxiety and work to change them for feelings of control and confidence, by replacing these ‘triggers’ within the subconscious the signals sent on a daily basis with be of control and calmness. Enabling you to begin to things in a more positive and rational way and allowing you to enjoy a more relaxed outlook on life.

Occasionally anxiety can be caused by a trauma either recent or in the past, maybe even forgotten by conscious mind. Through hypnosis if applicable, we can explore this trauma, finding the root cause of the anxiety and then replacing it with feelings of confidence and self belief. Planting a seed that will grow with you, allowing the feelings to grow daily from within, helping you to become a stronger more grounded person.

If you feel that anxiety is holding you back or you are just ready to let it go and experience the positive changes in your life, contact me today.