Pain Management

Do you have any pain issues? Do you have Chronic pain? Does pain seem to be taking over you life, stopping you from enjoying simple pleasures? Allow Hypnotherapy to help you.

Pain is a useful message to our bodies, letting us know when something is wrong or broken, pain sends the message to our brain to alert us that an action that needs to stop eg running with chest pain or something is broken and needs to heal eg a broken bone.

For some people these pain messages get mixed up and they continue to feel pain long after the body has healed, becoming chronic pain which often causes much distress. Pain is very individual and complex, it can be linked to our past experiences, current causes of pain (if known) and our perceived future experience of pain.

Hypnotherapy for pain looks at the initial causes of pain and any emotions, memories or traumas that that could be connected. Working with the subconscious to see what is necessary pain and other pain that can often linked with our emotions.

Looking at pain under hypnosis could allow you to see it from another dimension, you can begin to understand it and more importantly begin to control it, rather than pain controlling you. Reducing the impact of pain and being able to bring down pain levels through visualisation techniques.

Just the experience of hypnosis alone will enable deep relaxation to occur, this can often symptoms and enable clients to find a comfortable and safe space that they can go to via relaxation themselves.

Pain management will be tailored to a clients individual requirements and clients often in my experience find substantial relief of their symptoms.

Please contact me today and we can discuss how hypnotherapy could help you.