Stress Management

Do you find you are feeling ‘Stressed’ all the time? Do you find that Stress is affecting you on a day to day basis, maybe you are finding stressful situations more and more difficult to cope with? Hypnotherapy has been found to greatly reduce Stress levels.

Stress is a common factor in most people’s lives, whether it’s due to relationships issues, work problems or financial difficulties. Some stress in our lives can be useful and used positively can help to motivate and stimulate us into action. However when these stress levels become too high they can have the opposite effect causing sleep issues, lethargy, irritability and negativity to name a few.

 Stress triggers our ‘fight or flight’ reaction, releasing adrenalin around our body to stimulate our senses and to be able to react quicker, this was great when we were being chased by bears back to our caves but isn’t so useful now when you’re struggling to reign your emotions in at a meeting or waiting for a bus. Hypnotherapy can help to change this.

Stress can be very detrimental to health, if adrenalin is being continuously released and not being burnt off via exercise over a period of time this can lead to high levels of Cortisol known as the ‘stress chemical’. If cortisol production continues over a period of this can lead to feelings of depression and an impaired immune system. Stress in itself can often lead to self-medicating behaviours such as drinking, smoking, drug use and eating changes. These behaviours can exacerbate the stress felt whilst not dealing with the initial issues of stress but only temporarily providing relief.

Hypnotherapy alone can improve mood and cognitive function just by experiencing the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, relieving stress levels.

Stress Hypnotherapy will work with the unconscious mind, to help you change behaviour patterns in response to stressful situations or triggers, so that you can behave and respond differently in a calm confident manner when required, allowing you to feel more motivated, positive and in control.

How would you like to boost your confidence and self-esteem? Sleep better? Be able to change your behaviour to stress?

Contact me today and allow those changes to start happening.