Weight Loss

Have you tried every diet going? Just can’t shift those few extra pounds? Start a new diet on a Monday but by Tuesday your body is craving those biscuits? You know the diet inside out but something is just stopping you.

Stop giving yourself a hard time and beating yourself up.

When we are constantly being harsh on ourselves we just become demotivated, actually making weight harder to lose and it just doesn’t work.

So Stop….This Isn’t Your Fault!

We all know that diets do work, it’s just the simple calculation of calories going in but try telling our subconscious that!

Our subconscious is the long term storage area for our memories, beliefs and habits. Creating values about how we feel and act, sometimes our unconscious mind can store memories in a way that can cause internal conflict with our conscious mind – ever had that internal battle of ‘i should have the salad but that cream cake looks so good, it won’t hurt this once will it?’ The subconscious for whatever reason wants you to eat more and is stronger than your conscious mind. Trying to combat between these two opposing parts and losing weight can be an uphill struggle.

Hypnotherapy will work to resolve this inner conflict, by discovering what agenda the subconscious has and helping it to resolve any negative thoughts and feelings towards food. When the conscious and sub-conscious minds are working together then powerful and permanent changes can occur.

Using visualisation techniques the desire to overeat can be resolved, your unconscious will naturally guide you towards healthier food options, motivating you to become the healthy weight you wish to be. You will finally be in control of your weight.

Why wait, contact me today and let the journey to the slimmer you begin.