“I’m a middle aged man who following some significant medical issues, began for the first time ever to suffer with Erectile Dysfunction. This caused me probably a disproportionate amount of stress, which no doubt compounded the issues. After trying various prescribed medication to minimal effect, I found Abily Hypnotherapy and thought Id give it a try. Louise is very personable and puts you at ease. She is highly professional and confidential and above all knows what she is doing. Thanks to Louise my issues are resolved and am back living a fulfilling life in that department. I would not hesitate to recommend her. Thank you Louise. “

Mark, Torquay

“Mrs Louise Dawkins has hypnotised me several times.

Before each session she took great care to talk to me in depth to ascertain the problems I had and to discuss what she would do to address them. In my case my most pressing issues were chronic pain from long standing conditions and total lack of self esteem.

Louise worked on addressing my pain in the first sessions as we both felt that this was the more urgent issue.

Louise was very careful to ensure that I fully understood what she would be doing to hypnotise me and to reassure me that I could stop the session at any time.

When Louise was sure that I was comfortable and relaxed, she put me under hypnosis, a procedure I found incredibly easy and totally relaxing. As far as my pain is concerned, Louise has instilled in me a technique that I go to again and again and find incredibly helpful. I have been in severe pain for forty years, been on extremely strong medication and gone through the pain management programme several times. I can honestly say Louise, using hypnotherapy has achieved more to help me in a few short weeks than anything else I’ve been prescribed or tried.

I have found Louise’s technique has done much to bolster my self esteem. Whilst I’m aware that as this is so ingrained in me, that it is still a work in progress, Louise has given me a ‘safe place’ in my head that I can visit when I have a wobble and given me a technique to use to enable me to feel strong.

I have never been hypnotised before my sessions with Louise and was very nervous at my first session. Right from the start Louise really ensured I was fully aware of what she was going to do, how she was going to do it and answered all my questions.

I would be extremely happy to recommend Louise to anyone considering hypnotherapy. A very caring, compassionate lady who helped me enormously.”

Sue Jackson, Torquay

“I have had to date four hypnotherapy sessions with Louise Dawkins (Abily Hypotherapy). Having always been sceptical of alternative therapies I was very unsure if it would work for me, however, I found myself suffering with severe anxiety and actually would have tried anything to help me manage this.

Having been hypnotised on one other occasion I was concerned as during that process I found it difficult to wake up. Louise reassured me regarding this so I felt easier entering into the procedure.

I found the whole process totally relaxing and found Louise’s voice very calming. I loved it when she touched my shoulders and encouraged me to go further and further into a hypnotic state. In fact I got to the point where when I knew I was near to being woken up I was disappointed as I loved the relaxing, calm emotion it produced in me.

Louise prepared a session for me that was tailored to my individual needs having discussed this with her prior to the hypnotherapy which I so appreciated as my needs were very specific. I really do think that it helped me immensely and being given tactics to use to help reinforce what was learned during the session helped me when faced with anxieties during my everyday life.

Louise also focused on helping me to improve my sleep pattern which I feel has also improved since these sessions.

I am so pleased I opted to try this method and would recommend it to any other suffers of anxiety or sleep deprivation.

Thank you so much Louise.”

Desney Worthington, Kingskerswell

“I had three hypnotherapy sessions with Louise focusing on healthy eating and exercising. I found these sessions useful in identifying the underlying reasons why I was struggling with these issues day-to-day, and the sessions helped me to change my mindset about these. Since these sessions I have noticed a significant improvement in my motivation to exercise!”

Dr Amanda Gilbert, Newton Abbot

“Mrs Louise Dawkins has hypnotised my wife Sue on several occasions and having seen such great results that she had achieved for Sue, I asked if she would hypnotise me.

Louise spent a long time talking to me to establish exactly how she could help me and what my biggest issue is. For many years my weight has steadily increased and I am at the stage where I just don’t seem to be able to lose weight.

I am a really difficult person to hypnotise as I wear hearing aids in both ears and also rely to an extent on lip reading. This made hypnotherapy quite difficult for Louise as I could not close my eyes and listen to her as I couldn’t fully make out what she was saying.

Louise was incredibly patient and spent a long time working around my difficulties to find a technique that would work for both of us.

Whilst I know that I need further sessions, I am certainly eating far less than before my sessions with Louise and find it much easier to eat smaller portions.

In the past I had been quite sceptical about hypnotherapy but can honestly say that Louise has completely demonstrated that hypnotherapy can and does work.

I am very happy to recommend Louise to anyone who is considering hypnotherapy.”

Mike Jackson, Torquay