Hypnotherapy for Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assault

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault in adulthood I can assure you that you will be heard and you will be believed.  It is common for survivors of sexual abuse / assault to describe that they often find that they disassociate their mind from their body.  This helps to protect themselves from the trauma they are experiencing and can almost be viewed as an out-of-body experience.  Whilst this is an excellent way for the body to minimise damage and to aid self-preservation at the time, it can lead to other issues in the future.  However, once this process is learned it can be hard to let go of and the associated emotions will often cause anger, anxiety, self-harm, difficulty with alcohol or substance abuse and feelings can become muted or dulled with emotional outbursts that are difficult to understand especially if these are recurring years after the initial trauma.

Survivors can often believe that they are somehow to blame for the situation they find themselves in.  Perhaps you feel they could have done more to stop it, or fought back in some way.  Often this is due to the manipulative nature of the abuser and there is no way that your body and mind could have responded any differently, your mind was keeping you safe, and it did a good job because you are here today reading this.

With the help of hypnotherapy we can help you to reconnect with your emotions in a safe and secure environment. We can help you to release any pent up feelings, learn to accept and forgive yourself and realise you weren’t to blame.

By dealing with your emotions at your own pace and accepting that your defence mechanisms (which served you well) are no longer required you are free to move forward.  This will enable you to release yourself from the past, enabling us to focus on your new goals that you aspire to in life.