Hypnotherapy for Female Sexual Issues

Currently 40% of women in the UK will be concerned about a sexual difficulty, are you one of these? Why suffer in silence, when hypnotherapy could help you.

Issues can range from a lack in libido, pain when having sex, anorgasmia (inability to orgasm) or a host of other sexually related issues.

Thought patterns can be accountable for a large amount of sexual issues, performance anxiety and thought’s about expectation & perceived pressures with sex. Perhaps a previous bad experience leading to emotional and psychological issues which can be difficult to let go of. When Hypnotherapy is practiced in a non-judgemental, secure, honest and open space these symptoms can often be alleviated.

There are 4 classifications that female sexual dysfunction disorders can be generally placed into, that of sexual desire, arousal and sexual pain disorders along with orgasm disorders. 

Childbirth especially if this was traumatic and raising young children can often lead to a loss in libido, hypnotherapy can help you regain that desire, allowing you to let go of any associated trauma and move forward to regain the intimate relationship you would like. The dynamics amongst partners within a relationship can also be addressed using psychosexual hypnotherapy.

Those with sexual pain disorders can experience huge anxieties around sexual intercourse. Dyspareunia- pain on intercourse can be a result of anxiety and fear, causing a lack of vaginal lubrication, which in turn can make sex a painful experience, causing more fear and anxiety.

Vaginismus- involuntary muscular spasms within the vaginal wall, this can totally prevent intercourse from occurring causing pain and anxiety. Often but not always associated with past trauma or negative connotations about sex.

Hynotherapy allows access to the subconscious and allows any traumas to be healed or anxieties to be released, allowing you to visualise in a positive and motivated way, moving towards the person that you want to be. Feeling relaxed and confident within yourself, to enjoy a fulfilling and healthy sex life.

Please do see your GP prior to consultation to rule out any medical conditions that may be contributing towards your issues.

Sex and intimacy are an important part of life, allow yourself to enjoy your own sexuality.

If you have any questions please contact me or book in for a free consultation, all information is strictly confidential and therapy is carried out in a safe environment.